Gastronomy & Oenology

From Porto to the Algarve, passing through Lisbon, gastronomy and oenology in Portugal are very rich and varied

Gastronomy & Oenology

The gastronomic and oenological heritage of Portugal is as rich and varied as it is delicious. Portuguese culinary art is considered one of the most eclectic in the world thanks to the multiplicity of its influences. Indeed, Portugal was one of the pioneers in the search for spices in the Route des Indes.

Due to their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, you will have no difficulty in finding excellent dishes with fish or seafood to the unparalleled freshness. The Portuguese specialty is, of course, cod, dried or stewed, but not only, you will find a multitude of fish and seafood divinely well cooked.

If you are more meat, do not worry, the Portuguese are also very fond of meat, often grilled and delicately saucée, accompanied by vegetables stewed with olive oil or fries.

As for sausages and cheeses, each region of Portugal has its own specialty. You can enjoy a good assortment of cheese or charcuterie from various regions.

Gourmands will delight delicious Portuguese pastries. Often based on fruits (figs, almonds, etc …) and flavored with spices such as cinnamon. We will also note Pastel do Nata, whose reputation is second to none.

Wine growing is very present in Portugal, their bachic heritage is extremely vast, so you will have no difficulty in finding a good wine to your taste. To mention the best known, there is of course the Porto, originating from the city of the same name, the Madeira wine as well as the Douro wines. Less known, but equally remarkable, the Vinho Verde (green wine), a sweet wine with extraordinary flavors.


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