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Thus presents itself this magnificent small country of the South that is Portugal, with only 92 358 Km ², it does not however hesitate to make speak about him and to attract more and more tourists and expatriates of the whole world. Notwithstanding the fact that Portugal is the most Western country in Europe, it does not have any opening on the Mare Nostrum. On the other hand, being very open on the Atlantic Ocean, it gives him a whole myriad of beaches more beautiful than the others.

The historical heritage of the Portuguese lands dates back to the Paleolithic era, and rock paintings and engravings were found in particular in Escoural caves in Alentejo, dated from 22,000 to 10,000 BC. AD After many wars and conquests, the Kingdom of Portugal was founded in 1139. From then on, Portugal became a major player in the maritime exploration and conquest of colonies in Asia, Africa and across the Atlantic.

Portugal has been able to modernize while cleverly preserving its historical and cultural riches. It has now become a politically and economically very stable country, which continues to flourish and attract more and more people.


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