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Your retirement in Portugal

You want to enjoy your retirement in Portugal but you have absolutely no idea of the steps to take? Do not worry, by choosing Hello Portugal, you will not have to worry about anything. Our advisors are there to take care of everything from administrative procedures to looking for real estate, through the opening of your bank account in Portugal.

In a word, serenity.




Once your tax residence is established in Portugal, all retirees from the private sector are exempt from tax on their pension (s), for a period of 10 years.

Regarding the French nationals subject to the ISF (Solidarity Tax on Fortune), it does not exist in Portugal, you will also be exempt.

Social Security

As a member of the European Union, you can also benefit from social security in Portugal, you just need to make a simple request (free) of your European social security card. We will tell you how to do it in order to facilitate the process.

Francophone Community

Portugal has the peculiarity of having a very prosperous French-speaking community. Indeed, more and more Francophones, especially French, choose Portugal to live or invest in real estate.

Climate & location

With its 300 days of sunshine a year, its mild winters, its beaches and its varied gastronomy, Portugal is a paradise place to spend a good time.

Number of Francophone retirees who chose Portugal in 2014


Cost of living in Portugal

Conditions sine qua non to take advantage of these benefits

In order to take advantage of all the benefits Portugal can offer you for your retirement, it is imperative that these few conditions below are fulfilled. You can of course contact us for more information.

  1. You must be a national of one of the member countries of the European Union or Switzerland.
  2. Your retirement pension must come from the private sector.
  3. You will have to reside at least 183 days a year in Portugal, or declare your main residence there.
  4. You must not have resided in Portugal in the last five years.